Rolex Submariner 5513 1967 Meters First Dial Unbelievable Condition

year IV.67

serial 1,82XXXX

dial original meters first matte dial is in absolutely perfect flawless condition with matching original hands.

movement Rolex 1520

case original case has been expertly detailed to near factory spec by our watchmaker. the edges remain sharp and crisp. original bezel and fat font insert with original pearl, domed glass and twin-lock crown all still intact.

bracelet original swiss made riveted bracelet 7206/58 with minimal to zero stretch dated 1967.

condition Unbelievable

accessories none

remarques maybe one of the best example of the always classic Submariner 5513 Meters first on the market !!!!! A pure Vintage that looks great and has all the attributes that you’d want from a vintage sub. 

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